Chattanooga Open Device Lab

Book Some Time in Our Lab

In order to ensure you have adequate space to test and access to the devices you need, we have set up a simple reservation system. To book some time in the lab, simply fill in your details, let us know when you’d like to come, and which devices you’d like access to. Be sure to pick an alternate day and time as well (in case there’s a conflict). You can book up to two weeks in advance, but as our lab is located inside Easy Designs, we are bound by their office schedule, so the lab is only open from 10AM until 5PM.

Once you submit the form, expect a reply within a business day to confirm your reservation.

  1. Requested Day and Time *
  2. Alternate Day and Time *
  3. Requested Devices *
    Displays (4 available)
    eReaders (2 available)
    Feature Phones (1 available)
    Gaming Systems (4 available)
    Input Devices & Accessories (3 available)
    Laptops & Netbooks (3 available)
    Media Players (1 available)
    Smartphones (26 available)
    Tablets (9 available)